Fun, Confidence, Discipline

Why do kids LOVE Campuzano martial arts? Because we believe kids love to be challenged to learn and grow physically in a fun and encouraging environment. Come try a free class to experience it for yourself!

Improve Focus

In today’s world distractions are everywhere. At Campuzano our programs help kids and teens be able to focus their attention without distraction which helps them in every area of life.

Build Confidence

At Campuzano, we strive to lead our students to a place of confidence. By gently pushing them to go places they maybe didn’t think possible and encouraging them along the way, we produce confidence.

Develop Self-Discipline

Our students learn the importance of discipline. You will see this self-discipline start to spread to every area of their life including home and school.

Learn Self-Defense

Our students learn a combination of Jiu-Jitsu (Grappling), Wrestling and Kickboxing. We teach our students how to handle themselves should they ever come upon a situation requiring self-defense.

Develop Perseverance

Our students work hard. We train them hard so that they can progress through our belt ranking system and realize the rewards of perseverance. This carries over in every area of their life from school to home.

Physical Fitness

By making fitness fun, we hope to instill a life-long love for physical fitness and training. Our students train diligently each week working to improve themselves both physically and mentally.

Join Us for a Free Class!

Drop in for a free class. We will make sure your child feels safe, welcome and has a great time!

Campuzano Martial Arts’ Kids Martial Arts program has been designed to instill valuable life skills and a healthy attitude towards fitness in your child. Throughout our classes your child will be challenged physically and mentally in order to help them achieve their highest potential.

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